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Mobile Nuclear Cardiac Imaging


Cardiac Imaging in Your Office

Our mobile nuclear cardiac imaging service allows for greater continuity of care for your patients and dramatically increases positive health. Revenues generated by this procedure remain within your practice, ensuring better financial health and retained earnings. Considering increasing costs and shrinking reimbursements, physicians are under pressure to develop new revenue streams to maintain financial health. In-office cardiac imaging is the single most efficient and effective way practices can add to their bottom line while significantly improving the quality of care offered to their patients.

Mobile Nuclear Cardiac Imaging

Advanced Technology

Our portable nuclear cameras are state-of-the-art and provide the highest quality imaging available.


We hire qualified nuclear medicine technologists certified by NMTCB or ARRT(N) and are certified cardiovascular technicians (CCT).

Mobile Office

Our service allows for greater patient convenience, higher patient satisfaction, and increased location potential.

Convenient Scheduling

Our customized scheduling is designed with the goal of optimal image quality, while ensuring patient comfort


Athena Medical Imaging's Mobile Nuclear Cardiac Imaging solutions provide everything you need to offer complete nuclear cardiac imaging services in your practice, diagnostic center, or hospital. The combination of advanced mobile cardiac cameras, highly trained technologists, and AMI's expertise allows you to offer your patients excellent diagnostic imaging services. A partnership with AMI will provide added convenience to your patients as well as increase revenue and the bottom line to your practice, clinic, or facility.


Our fully-qualified nuclear medicine personnel are professional, courteous, and registered technologists that blend into your clinical atmosphere. Our technologists adapt to your clinic to maintain a smooth, seamless operational environment and provide the utmost in patient care and quality diagnostic imaging. AMI will work with your practice to ensure courteous services and maximum throughput for your facility.


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