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Our Passion Runs Pink!

Women’s Imaging Specialists (WIS) Athens provides state-of-the-art 3D breast imaging, digital mammography, 3D breast ultrasound, and bone densitometry services to women. Our services are compassionate, individualized, and focused on the early screening and detection of breast cancer and osteoporosis. We recognize and respond with respect and dignity to the individual physical and emotional needs of our patients. The WIS Athens team communicates openly and honestly and practice ethically with those whom we serve. We realize that our work makes a difference in our patient’s lives and in our community. WIS Athens exists to provide care to all those who come to us, and it is a privilege for us to participate in the care of our patients.


3D Breast Imaging Facility

Mammography Accredited Facility - American College of Radiology

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3D Breast Imaging

2D / 3D Digital Mammography

New 3D mammography captures multiple slices of breast images, all at different angles, and the images are brought together to create a crystal-clear 3D reconstruction of the breast. One of our most popular 3D breast imaging services, 3D mammography finds 27% more cancer than 2D and reduces callbacks by up to 40%. Simply put… 3D is the best mammogram!

2D Breast Ultrasound

2D Breast Ultrasound

A 2D Breast ultrasound is sometimes used to evaluate specific breast problems that are found during a screening, diagnostic mammogram, or physical exam. This breast ultrasound is also used to differentiate cystic from solid masses.

3D Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound

3D Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound

3D breast imaging technology that utilizes ultrasound to scan the entire breast, and there is no breast compression or radiation associated with this procedure. The scan produces 3D volumetric images of the breast for review by the radiologist and is another 3D breast imaging tool for women with dense breasts.


Volpara Breast Density Assessment

WIS offers FREE breast density assessment. Volpara automatically and rapidly analyzes the structure, texture, and dispersion of the breast tissue, rather than simply estimating total fibroglandular volume. Volpara Breast Density equips physicians with another innovative tool to employ in screening mammography.

Bone Densitometry

Bone Densitometry

A bone density scan uses dual-energy x-rays to measure bone loss and is particularly useful in the diagnosis of Osteoporosis, which is one of the most preventive diseases today. Your bone density is important because it can help to reduce the risk of getting a fracture.


All-In-One 3D Solution

All in One Solution

Women’s Imaging Specialists (WIS) can deliver a turnkey solution focused on 3D digital mammography…


2D / 3D Telemammography


Sub-specialized expert women’s imaging radiologists. As founders and owners, we take pride in the quality …


Women’s Imaging Services

Client Services

Complete proprietary workflow ensures seamless transition of information and images from acquisition…

  • The staff is exceedingly friendly, and the service is great!
    They make you feel like family.

    WaWanna A. Avatar
    WaWanna A.

    I literally drive an hour away from home to have my Mammogram done here, usually twice a year, for the... read more

    Shaná M. Avatar
    Shaná M.

    Very efficient and thorough. Definitely recommend them!

    Tina M. Avatar
    Tina M.
  • Great staff. Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

    Emery J. Avatar
    Emery J.

    The staff is fast, efficient, kind and gentle. What more can a woman ask for with these services!

    Barbara S. Avatar
    Barbara S.

    Efficient & compassionate

    Marcia G. Avatar
    Marcia G.
  • As a 9 year BC survivor, I was truly terrified to get a call after my 3D Mammogram to go... read more

    Rayna I. Avatar
    Rayna I.

    The employees were all very friendly and attentive and answered all questions that I had.

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.

    Wonderful experience from the friendly staff to the ease of the appointment! I was in and out in less than... read more

    Susie L. Avatar
    Susie L.
  • Finally got a mammogram and it wasn’t painful at all. I did the 3D one. That ought to be interesting... read more

    Tamara T. Avatar
    Tamara T.

    Very professional . Great personalities and the Mammagram was the best one I have ever had.

    Mary F. Avatar
    Mary F.

    Friendly, relaxed, private, respectful and excellent service.

    Rita K. Avatar
    Rita K.
  • Staff was very nice, didn’t have to wait, and just a very pleasant environment

    Shelbie N. Avatar
    Shelbie N.

    The staff made me feel very comfortable during and after my procedure.

    Dianne N. Avatar
    Dianne N.

    Very pleased. The staff are excellent and understanding .

    Mary N. Avatar
    Mary N.
  • These ladies are FABULOUS!

    Thank you Sarah, Erin, Amber, Paula and Melissa.

    I will recommend this facility to all of...
    read more

    Danna M. Avatar
    Danna M.

    The whole staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome. It was my first time having a mammogram but they... read more

    Laura A. Avatar
    Laura A.

    my name is Amy Robertson... the staff is very friendly the place is always nice and clean very homely feeling... read more

    Amy R. Avatar
    Amy R.
  • I went there today for the first time and Ms.Paula was great.She made me not feel nervous at all and... read more

    Genesis G. Avatar
    Genesis G.

    The staff is so friendly and patient. And helpful also. I needed to reschedule my appointment and they were patient... read more

    Pam B. Avatar
    Pam B.

    I always tell everyone about this specialist. They are the sweetest women and very professional.

    Sharon E. Avatar
    Sharon E.
  • Always easy to get an appointment and quick in and out. Everyone is very friendly.

    Joy A. Avatar
    Joy A.

    Fast imaging and not rushed. Very personalized.

    Pat H. Avatar
    Pat H.

    Very attractive office! State of the art equipment! Friendly and professional staff! Thank you for a positive experience.

    Mary A. Avatar
    Mary A.

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